Kashmir Saffron Glass Packing

Houseofsaffron's Premium Kashmir Kesar is Certified Grade A1+++ Long Thread Original Kashmir Mogra Saffron also known as Mongra Saffron. This Highly Potent Saffron is grown Naturally in valley of Pampore, Kashmir. Our Premium Kashmir Saffron is procured directly from Farms eliminating middlemen, Graded and Packed in easy to use Air Tight Containers. It comes in a packing which once opened cant be resealed to its original condition. Great care has been taken during harvesting so that our product reaches to every customer in fresh and perfect conditions. We supply only Premium Quality All Red Saffron tested to Grade 1 ISO parameters which has shelf life of minimum 2years. Interesting to know that Saffron is harvested only once in the months of Oct-Nov. Favored by Michelin Star Chefs and Cooks accross the globe. Saffron from centuries is known to contain many Health promoting properties. It is also used in Beauty Products specially Face/Body Packs. It enhances skin tone with fair complexion. It is also used to give flavour to your Food Products like Milk, Kheer, Biryani, Sweets, Ice Creams, Cakes, Bakery products and other gourmet uses. It is Gifted to your loved ones during special occasions. Also known as Kesar, Azafran, केसर, కుంకుమ పువ్వు,, குங்குமப்பூ மலர் kumkuma puvvu, kumkumpuvva. Saffron Threads are derived from plant Crocus Sativus. It takes more than 170000 flowers to make 1kg of Saffron. Saffron most important properties are Color Strength(Crocin), Flavour/Taster (Picocrocin), Aroma (Safranal), Moisture. Our Grade A1++ Kashmir Saffron meets all requirements for being a Premium Quality Product. Also called Grade A1++, Platinum, Diamond, Gold Grade. IN DEC 2020 WE REBRANDED TO "HOUSE OF SAFFRON" KASHMIR KESAR.

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