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Saffron also known as Kesar, KumKuma puvvu, Kungumapoo, Zafran is world’s most expensive spice. Grown once a year in the months of Oct-Nov, it is hand harvested and Graded to ISO3632 Grade 1 parameters. It takes 170000 flowers to get just 1kg of Saffron.

Our Produce comes from beautiful valley of Pampore, Kashmir, India.

At Houseofsaffron we choose only Premium Quality Threads in our packaging.

  • Unmatched Aroma, Rich Flavour, Excellent Color.
  • Comes in Pilfer Proof Packaging.
  • No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients
  • 100% Pure & Natural

Saffron Purity Misconceptions-

There is wide variety of Information available on Internet which is not always correct specially on channels like You Tube etc. It’s same like searching info regarding a medical condition rather than seeing a doctor.

Here is quick guide for clearing information available-

  1. Saffron Threads Dissolves in Water/Milk?- No they donot dissolve, But some Saffron Threads may Disintegrate when dipped in Hot/Boiling Water/Milk or kept for long time.
  2. Saffron Threads floating up or sinking in Water/Milk- There is No Scientific Proof between Originality/Purity of Saffron and its floating up or sinking down. It is quite common that Some Threads may float up and some sink down whether in Water or Milk.
  3. Importantly customers should note that in Milk donot make wrong judgement about Purity of Saffron as some Threads may be visible floating up while some threads which settle down can’t be seen. You can use strainer to put mixture in other glass and find Saffron Threads as such in it. As Water is opaque this issue doesn’t arises in it. 
  4. Saffron Threads turning Transparent/Opaque- Saffron Threads depending on potency gifted by nature will turn to Orange Red, Orange, Semi Opaque, Opaque after few days, it can be few hours to few days even though they have color power of more than 250+. Saffron Water and Threads whatever color power will turn transparent in a month’s time. Also donot confuse White with Opaque, Semi Transparent.
  5. Saffron Color Release Time- Most Common wrong information available on internet. Saffron Threads Color release time depends on Moisture in Saffron Threads, Medium Temperature i.e. of Water, Milk, Climate Temperature. Saffron Threads when dipped in Hot Water will release color quicker than Cold Water. Saffron Threads when dipped in Water will release some little color quickly but entire color will take anywhere between 5-30mins depending on above factors. Saffron Threads will release color in Hot Milk in 2-4hours time and in Cold Milk will take much longer time. Only 3-4 Saffron Threads are required to give deep yellow color in Water whereas in Milk it will take 10-15 Saffron Threads. If you crush Saffron in pieces than Saffron will give color much more Faster/Quicker, Voiding any claims made by Unprofessional / Bloggers / Freelancers regarding Saffron Color release time. In Summers/Hot climate process is quicker than winters.
  6. Saffron Aroma – Saffron Aroma which is sweet in nature during harvest will change to strong musty with passage of time.

Houseofsaffron Pure Kashmir Kesar Saffron Milk, Biryani, Cooking, Beauty, Health Long Thread Certified Grade A1+++ Saffron

Rebranded to ‘House of Saffron’ in Dec 2020

Houseofsaffron’s Premium Kashmir Kesar is Certified Grade A1+++ Long Thread Original Kashmir Mogra Saffron also known as Mongra Saffron. This Highly Potent Saffron is grown Naturally in the valley of Pampore, Kashmir. Our Premium Kashmir Saffron is procured directly from Farms eliminating middlemen, Graded and Packed in easy use Air Tight Containers. It comes in a packing which once opened cant be resealed to its original condition. Great care has been taken during harvesting so that our product reaches to every customer in fresh and perfect conditions.

Why to choose our saffron!

  • Authentically sourced from farms of Pampore, Kashmir, India without involving any middlemen.
  • Graded & Tested to ISO3632 Standard.
  • Pure & Natural.
  • No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Rich Powerful Aroma, Excellent Color & Flavour.

How To Use-

  • In Water- Dip 3-4 Saffron Threads in 20-30ml lukewarm water and leave for 10-30minutes. Use this mixture in your recipe.
  • In Milk- Dip 3-4 Saffron Threads in 20-30ml lukewarm Milk and leave for 30mins-1hr or more. Use this mixture in your recipe. You can add more threads for deeper color. Avoid dipping directly in Cold Milk.


Using Powder-

  • Just Dip, Stir, Enjoy.
Cuisine ‎Kashmiri, Punjabi, Hyderabadi, Gujrati, Spanish
Specialty ‎100% Pure & Natural, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Added Color, No Added Flavour, No Added Aroma
Ingredient Type Vegetarian‎
Brand ‎House of Saffron‎
Region Produced In ‎Pampore, Kashmir, India
Certification ‎ISO3632 Lab Tested
Form Fresh‎
Serving Recommendation ‎‎5-6 Threads per person
Package Information ‎Pet Jar‎‎
Manufacturer ‎‎‎Houseofsaffron Inc
Allergen Information ‎Allergen-Free
Item part number ‎h_SS1G
Ingredients Certified Grade A1+++ ISO3632 Original Kashmiri Mogra Saffron Threads Kesar / Keshar / Kumkuma puvvu/ Kungumapoo
Country of Origin ‎India

Question: Is your product Original?

Answer: Yes, Houseofsaffron Inc all varities are 100% Pure, Natural.

Question: Does it helps in glowing skin?

Answer: Yes, Saffron is widely used for Fair Glowing Skin. You can consume 5-6threads daily for atleast 4-6weeks for results. Otherwise it can be used as face packs with other ingredients.

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