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Kesar, also known as Saffron, is derived from a plant called the Crocus sativus. Due to its mélange of benefits and its numerous uses, Kesar is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Kesar (Saffron) promotes learning and memory retention. Each of our jars contains 1g Afghani Kesar and also is useful in treating old age-related mental impairment. Its herbal properties are used to treat problems like asthma and improve eyesight.


Saffron is majorly found in the hilly regions of India, Afghanistan and Spain. The afghani kesar is light and sweet with a distinct floral scent. Its creamy texture is distinguishable and is what uplifts any dish.

  • Take 2-3 threads of Bunch Kesar
  • Dip saffron threads in 20 ml of lukewarm water/milk for at least 15-20 minutes
  • Use this mixture for seasoning the dish or milk

1.Does it help in boosting immunity?

Yes, Afghani Kesar helps in boosting immunity.

2. Does it help in treating acne?

Yes, Afghani Kesar helps in treating acne. Its herbal properties helps in reducing acne and dullness of skin.

3. Does it help in blemishes?

Yes, Afghani Kesar helps in blemishes (imperfections on the skin like dark spots).

4. Does it help to improves skin?

Yes, Afghani Kesar helps to improves skin. It reduces dark circles, acne and blemishes making it look young and fresh.

5. Does Saffron help with scarring?

Yes, saffron has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the removal of dead cells. They are used to treat acne scarring on the face.

6. Does Saffron have any side effects?

 No, Saffron primarily does not result in any major side effects. However, prolonged use might lead to occasional cases of dry mouth, anxiety, sweating, nausea, headaches and minor allergies.


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